Reaching new heights

There’s always an opportunity to start something new. It is even more satisfying if it impacts positively on many lives.

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  • Grateful
    There is so much that comes to mind because of the word grateful. Top on my list is being grateful to God for another bright day, good health, family and friends. I am grateful for discovering ‘Discover Prompts’ on the WordPress platform, whose one word prompts stirred up  my thoughts. The prompts get one to think outsideContinue reading “Grateful”
  • Teenage, a delicate age group
    We have experienced this or know people who are yet to transition into this turbulent period of teenage/adolescence. I call it ‘turbulent’ because it is a time full of all manner of emotional drama; peer pressure, attitude and identity issues, self discovery, social status, among others. These are the 13 to 19 age brackets. ResearchContinue reading “Teenage, a delicate age group”
  • If instruments could talk…
    What comes to your mind at the mention of or seeing the word “instrument”? Most likely something related to music for many. However, there are a number of meanings for that word because it can be a noun;– a tool or implement used to perform a certain job e.g. a surgical instrument–   a measuring deviceContinue reading “If instruments could talk…”
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