Reaching new heights

There’s always an opportunity to start something new. It is even more satisfying if it impacts positively on many lives.

Recent Posts

  • Joy Unspeakable
    Seeing her today filled Malaika with an outpouring of euphoria. All the memories of that day, many years ago came rushing down on her like a shower of rain. It took Malaika a lot of self control not to release tears of joy. She recalled how the down-to-earth lady seated behind the wooden desk gaveContinue reading “Joy Unspeakable”
  • Reflection time
    Do you remember the last time you dedicated 30 minutes or 1-hour to think about or reflect on yourself? Many times we seem to spend this kind of time thinking about work related issues or something/someone other than ourselves. Recently, when I was tasked to spend 30 minutes reflecting on purely myself; what I wantContinue reading “Reflection time”
  • Do you know your Identity and Value?
    Values and identity are important aspects in human life, without which we don’t seem to have a sense of belonging. They are interrelated and work together in mapping our attitudes and behaviour. Culture also shapes one’s identity from birth because certain values and beliefs are upheld in the home. A child who grows up inContinue reading “Do you know your Identity and Value?”
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